New Zealand Kiwi Noodle Bowls (6 Bowls)

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New Zealand Kiwi Noodle Bowls (6 Bowls)


Ingredients: Squeezed Noodles, Seasoning Package, Soy Sauce Package.

User manual:

  • Open the lid of the glass to the line marked with the arrow, put the soup and oil packets in.
  • Pour boiling water to the line of the glass, cover the lid and wait 3 minutes.
  • Mix well and use immediately.

Packing: Cup.

Weight: 80g.

Unit: Grams.

Expiry date: See product packaging.

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  • NOT YOUR AVERAGE BROTH - Fruit and Noodles? Sounds Weird. But don’t be mistaken! It has the authentic flavors of a Mixed Tom Yum Soup and a Vietnamese Canh Chua. If you are ready for a flavor adventure and are looking for something new to add to your flavor profile, this bowl of noodles is for you!
  • CHEWY NOODLES - Our noodles are created to have a chewy and supple texture that perfectly soaks up the sweet, sour, and savory notes from the broth. No soggy noodles here!
  • QUICK AND EASY - Ready in 3 minutes! All you need to do is flip the lid and add hot water.
  • HEALTHIER - 100% Vegan, Non-GMO, No Cholesterol, No TransFat
  • COMPLEX or SIMPLE - Dress up this bowl of noodles with your choice of protein and vegetables or eat simply as is!
  • 6 BOWLS PER BOX - Each box contains 6 bowls of our delicious noodles!
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