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Date Submitted: 15/06/2021 02:30 PM

    Vegetarian food and vegetarianism have become a cultural feature for Vietnamese people. On the other hand, when information about infected meat, fish and chicken products or of unclear origin spreads all over the newspapers. Consumers look to vegetarian products because they believe that vegetarian products are good for health.

    Veganism is not just a trend
    Talking about vegetarian food, not only is it "healthy" but vegetarian food also contributes a lot of health benefits. People who want to lose weight also choose to be vegetarian, those who want to calm their mind and find peace also choose to be vegetarian.

    Bodhi Leaf Vegetarian Noodles
    Vegetarian products bring many health benefits
    Vegetarian food is processed more and more sophisticatedly, the taste for many people is "better than the real thing". Indeed, walking around the vegetarian market, it is easy to find vegetarian chicken, vegetarian pork, vegetarian beef, etc. But, are vegetarian foods completely healthy?


    Safe or not?
    In fact, many cases of unsafe vegetarian food have been detected by the authorities. Therefore, to ensure safety, nutritionists recommend that, when choosing dry or ready-to-eat vegetarian food, consumers should look for reputable, long-term brands, especially certificates of food hygiene and safety, products with clear labels and origins.
    Binh Tay - Long-standing vegetarian brand
    One of the oldest and most prestigious vegetarian brands in Vietnam market is Binh Tay with a series of famous long-standing vegetarian products such as Bo De vegetarian noodles, Bo De vegetarian noodle soup, soy sauce. With more than 60 years of experience in the food industry in general and vegetarian food in particular, Binh Tay Food is like a monument in the Vietnamese instant food village.

    The special feature of Binh Tay products is probably in the spice packages with the secret recipe that has been passed down through generations of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Le Thi Giau. Someone even said, this formula has existed since before the company was established and if it is not Binh Tay, nowhere can do the same.

    Binh Tay vegetarian instant products in a recent event booth sự

    “Bodhi Leaf” – Legendary Vegetarian Noodles
    For vegetarians, most agree that the Bodhi leaf vegetarian noodle product is the best quality instant noodle product in the affordable price segment. Perhaps for many people, "Bodhi Leaf" vegetarian noodles have become a part of the past. Because during the 60s and 70s, this product once occupied a unique position in the convenient breakfast choice of Vietnamese people. Up to the present time, "Bodhi Leaf" is still a vegetarian noodle product trusted by vegetarians.

    After 60 years of existence and development, Binh Tay still persists in developing its vegetarian instant products. With the motto "Quality is our brand and responsibility", Binh Tay hopes to be a brand that brings confidence in health to consumers. Towards the religious values ​​of Buddhism, Binh Tay always upholds the responsibility to ensure the health and trust of its customers.

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