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Instant Noodles
Lau Nam instant noodles

Thành Phần: Wheat, corn flour, potato flour, starch, palm oil, salt, sugar, mushroom powder (1%), abalone mushroom (0.43%), gluten, straw mushroom (0.43%), wood ear mushroom (0.43%), kimchi, seaweed, dried vegetables (carrot, cabbage, mustard leaf, coriander, le

Quy Cách Đóng Gói: 30 bags x 80g

Kích thước thùng: 350 x 300 x 130mm

Lau Nam is a special instant noodles without MSG and preservative substance. It conquers the people who are gourmet and interested in healthy by its charming tasty what was been made by combine many kind of mushrooms, vegetables and seaweed with high-grade spice.